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Shared Office Space

Why Co-Working Space is Ideal for Entrepreneurs!

Author: Mosaic Team | 23 Feb 2018

Have you ever thought about opting for a co-working space? Co-working space, popular for its shared office space, recreational activities and energetic environment has become an icon amongst start-ups and SME’s in today’s day and age. Statistics indicate that self-employment is on a steady rise with the number of best coworking spaces in India growing at 22% per year and the number of co-working members growing at 40% per year. The rise in self employment has given rise to the demand for co-working space.

Why coworking space is taking work culture by storm

Co-working is the future of offices around the globe. Unlike other passing trends the concept of co-working space is here to stay. The fast moving millennial crowd in India has a lot to do with this continuous drift towards shared office space. People love co-working rather than traditional offices because rather than opting for a hectic nine to five job, they would rather opt for flexible timing, refreshments, recreational amenities, and massages and so on. Best coworking places in India help break down the walls that separate members allowing people that work in a co-working space to interact with one another and contribute to the overall output of the company. The commercial capital of India, Mumbai, endorses coworking culture in India in the best possible manner. Housing  ultra-modern and sophisticated infrastructure, co working spaces in Andheri-East is a must-visit site for entrepreneurs.

But is co-working office space in India really ideal for entrepreneurs?

Every entrepreneur looks for a nurturing workspace ripe with cooperation amongst members. Co-working office space provides an ambience that fosters the idea of cooperation, positive thinking and immense productivity. It acts as a spark for budding entrepreneurs and leaders to forge a successful future. It is a one of a kind work space that instigates the imagination and provides troves of inspiration to independent thinkers. Not to worry entrepreneurs in Mumbai, The Mosaic provides state of the art coworking space in Andheri East with facilities that spice up your work environment.

The juicy features that make co-working spaces so distinctive!

Flexible Workspace: A co-working environment pushes the concept of flexible workspace. This not only helps boost interaction and productivity but also promotes job satisfaction amongst organisation members. A flexible workspace ideally boasts of recreational centres, lobbies, and massage facilities and so on. These facilities help you to jump from a high-energy meeting to a relaxing massage or a full blown monopoly game in a matter of minutes.

Cost Effective: Co-working space boasts never-seen-before prices, prices. These prices allow start ups and SME’s to establish themselves with commercial office space without having to dip their hands too deep into their cooperate coffer.

Networking: The constant need to network is the backbone of any organisation as it helps to not only build awareness and credibility of a company and its members but it also helps an entrepreneur to learn new and improved ways of doing business. A co-working space is an ideal environment that helps boost the concept of networking due to the availability of experienced professionals from various fields. Even though these professionals are from other establishments, the fact that they are all under one roof makes the world of difference.

At Mosaic we strive to not just be any other co-working platform. We pledge to change the way people perceive their work, workplace and even their co-workers. We believe in giving you more than one reason to fall in love with your work and finally opt for the commercial office space of your dreams!

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