Mosaic comes with a mission of serving offices without boundaries. We believe in open workspaces, co-working office space inspired by great ideas. We strive to be the nexus of creativity, productivity and vitality in the city. Mosaic is the place where you go to work and you stay for the ambiance. Coffee, free Wi-Fi, great work community and an amazing set up nestled in the laps of nature – Mosaic offers more than one reason for you to fall in love with your work.


  • Every day, Mosaic strives to become synonymous with efficiency and integrity. We want to instil confidence, reliance and trust among our members. Mosaic envisions becoming the cocoon you need to spread your wings.


We are more than just another co-working platform. We are committed to change the way people currently perceive their jobs, workplaces and their co-workers. Mosaic has put in the hard work to create a nurturing environment for freelancers, entrepreneurs and independent thinkers.

  • All Amenities at Your Desk

  • Help your business grow

  • Fair and transparent pricing

  • The Spirit of Community

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