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Advantages of Shared Office and Coworking Space

Author: Mosaic Team | 30 Jan 2018

Why are people falling in love with coworking spaces: the advantages of a shared office space in Mumbai

The buzz about coworking office spaces is becoming louder by the day. What is the reality about these shared havens that is making them so popular and welcome among startups and SMEs? Even freelancers are humming the tune of shared work space. At Mosaic, we thought of asking a few of our members what they think about the practice of hourly office rentals. We found that enterprises, small businesses and freelancers looking for a cost effective solution to the office space needs without compromising the office facilities often prefer shared office spaces like the Mosaic.

Here are a few of the advantages any furnished office space for rent in Mumbai provides over

Social networking in real life

Office life is slowly becoming the only life for most working folks. In a traditional office, departments and teams often work in silos. It is very difficult to form social relationships within the work environment and there is not enough time for regular office goers to socialize outside office. Thankfully, coworking spaces blur the lines between personal and professional relationships. It is often a good thing since it helps people enjoy a social life right next to their workspace.

The Mosaic provides comfortable nooks for the development of true friendship and professional relationship among its members. The furnished shared office spaces have lounges, terraces, libraries and cafeterias where healthy relationships can bloom between the coworkers. This helps the members refocus on work.

Breaking down the silos

This is more important than it often looks. Teams need to work together rather than compete against each other. Private cabins and tall separators create an island around the employees. This prevents cohesive work and keeps some of the best thinkers away from the true team spirit.

Coworking spaces bring down these walls and allow the creative minds to roam free in the expansive sunlit floors. The architecture of an office can make a lot of difference among the people and their mentality. The Mosaic capitalizes their nature-infused indoors, expansive glass paneled windows and free flow of natural light to stimulate a feeling of togetherness and healthy coexistence among the members from different walks of life.

Flexible privacy

As easily as these coworking office spaces break down the silos, they can also provide privacy in necessary situations. Almost any good furnished office space for rent in Mumbai has conference rooms, meeting rooms and seminar rooms for their members. As the members sit together for their daily work and bask in a collective consciousness, they can effortlessly transition to a private space to entertain clients and meet with investors.

Mosaic integrates such high-tech conference rooms into the membership plans for B2B enterprises that have to entertain their clients often. These well-designed spaces provide room for meetings and more from time to time.

Multi-purpose spaces

At Mosaic you will find extra breathing rooms designed into the natural flow of the shared office space. There are very few walls and that significantly enhances the sense of freedom of space. One zone simply flows into the other. Our members find it so much easier to transit from a super-charged client handling mode to a completely fun Jenga championship mode with just a few steps from their workstations.

Whether it is a fresh cup of craft coffee or organic team with a warm smile, or an unwinding session of yoga with friends and coworkers, Mosaic like furnished office spaces for rent in Mumbai have the complete package for all members. Shared offices often have workshops, seminars and discussions in the common spaces to facilitate learning experiences among the members.

You should view these spaces for hourly office rental as creative nexuses. These are the newest ways of companies and individual professionals to embrace the new and move forward. The coworking spaces help people to upgrade their office setups without an escalation of costs. The Mosaic offers a unique experience that is quite impossible to find at the traditional office spaces. You wouldn’t know unless you sampled it at

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