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This Co-working Space is your Perfect Partner for Caring and Working.

Author: Mosaic Team | 26 Apr 2018

Co working space

This Co-working Space is your Perfect Partner for Caring and Working.

 26th, April 2018    -    Co working space


It is health that is the real wealth, and not pieces of gold and silver.

The MOSAIC is a platform where one’s health and well-being are taken care. It is India’s first premium experimental co-working space, recently launched its first center in Mumbai. Their main motive is to provide a holistic lifestyle.

A lifestyle change begins with a vision and a single step. Lifestyle is one of the major factors that impact on the health of the people in the organization which simultaneously leads its impact on the productivity of the work. MOSAIC helps the members to reduce their stress during work and improve their Startup’s productivity.

What made them start MOSAIC?

It is a tree with four branches, where all of them have studied abroad and have worked with Multinational institutions globally. They felt that the quality of work environment that they get aboard was by far missing in India. As there is a saying that “We can build many buildings but it is difficult to make people with mind and soul” hence they thought that MOSAIC as the better opportunity.

The first center of ‘THE MOSAIC’ located in the Andheri (East) suburb of Mumbai is a sprawling 8,000Sq. ft working space with various seating options ranging from flexible to fixed desks and spacious office cubicles available for the firms.

Gokul Das is the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of the Mosaic, an experiential co-working space start-up in Andheri. Prior to founding the Mosaic, Gokul has had a rich history of working in Banking, Financial Services and Insurance industry as a senior business leader successfully devising strategic & tactical solutions to catapult company’s visibility and build businesses from the ground-up. With a career spanning over three decades, Gokul has worked in USA, India and Middle East with reputed financial institutions like Citibank, Standard Chartered, ABN Amro and Great Western Bank among others wherein he looked at strategic and financial management. His roles involved overseeing the acquisition and geographic expansion, charting business strategy, managing P&L, revenue momentum and plotting investment strategy.

Gokul holds an MBA in Finance from Meinders School of Business, USA and did his graduation in Management and Finance from Narsee Monjee College of Commerce, Mumbai. Besides founding Mosaic, Gokul is also the co-founder of Ezeewill and in his free time, enjoys traveling, reading and focusing on self-development.

What is so special in MOSAIC?

Integrating the concept of ‘Body-Mind-Soul’ the Mumbai center is aesthetically designed from a holistic perspective to provide a Zen-like environment with oxygen-rich plants and large windows to allow plenty of sunlight. The state-of-the-art facility provides a relaxing environment with open spaces and ergonomically designed seating, well-equipped conference room, a relaxing lounge area and a library fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

‘THE MOSAIC’ is the only co-working space in India to have a 1,000 sq.ft. fitness studio offering a variety of wellness classes like the Sadhguru’s Isha Yoga and meditation classes (Isha Foundation), Grandmaster Carlton Hill’s Tai Chi, Zumba and in-house professional masseuse for a de-stressing massage. Not forgetting to mention shower rooms to freshen up after the fitness regime and organic drinks throughout the day for complete wellbeing. Besides offering they also provide value-added services to its members, THE MOSAIC also offers knowledge Sessions on topics such as bitcoins and crypto-currency, mind-mapping, entrepreneurship, best Practices in branding for SME/ MSME/ startups, guidance for women entrepreneurs and many more.

Future Plan

As a short-term goal, they are planning to open up themselves in 5 new markets across tier I and tier II cities. Their long-term goal is to expand overseas and to be a top 3 major player in the market.The protection of future generation is necessary and the better ecosystem is to be planned and MOSAIC is helping out with it.

Source : Startupsjourney

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