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How Are the Millennials Setting the Trend for Coworking Spaces in 2018?

Author: Mosaic Team | 02 Feb 2018

In 2007, there were only about 14 coworking spaces in the USA and the concept of shared office spaces was unheard of in India.

Fast forward to 2017, almost 1.2 million people across the world have been a part of one or more coworking groups in shared office spaces. It is quite the escalation for a 10 year time period. More people are opting for corworking packages every day. This is giving rise to newer trends that are influencing work ethics, hierarchy and the total output.

The concept of workplace is evolving

There was a time when people related work to desktops and workstations inside confined spaces. Right now, thanks to laptops and MacBooks, any space with good connectivity can become your workplace. At a leading coworking office space Mumbai wearable tools and technology is further accelerating this wind of change.

Design of a workplace

Forget boring desks and chairs. It is time for a flexible seating system in the form of beanbags and couches. Wireless devices now allow you to work in relaxed postures for hours on end. In the early 2000s, it was all about workplace hierarchy, but 2010 onwards we are seeing a significant change. A shared workspace brings out collaboration in a team. Companies now value co-operation more than employee hierarchy.

A drastic change in focus

It is thankfully no longer only about work hours and output. While, they will always occupy the centre-stage, the focus has now shifted to employee health and wellness. Any leading coworking office space Mumbai has a holistic approach that takes care of a member’s health, fitness, quality of life and everything else that affects employee output.

Fostering a network

Co-working spaces create a network of members. The layouts facilitate easier communication and ideation. People don’t have to stick to rigid hours and the atmosphere inside a space on hourly office rental is much more relaxed. This channels their productivity, creativity and co-operation in a natural way.

Flexible headquarters

The latest trend among all SMEs and start-ups is the introduction of the concept of headquarters as a service. Companies now understand that restricted spaces should not confine the business process and ideation process. The true strength of any company and organization lies in the hands of their employees. These SMEs are opting for coworking packages, where their teams work from shared office spaces from different locations in a city or the country.


More number of millennials are adopting coworking spaces to enjoy the perks of accessibility. They do not have to travel endless hours to office every day. They can pick a reliable coworking office space Mumbai like Mosaic as per their convenience. Most of the leading coworking spaces in Mumbai are located in urban areas, where the members have easy access to cafes, stores, malls and other amenities. Millennials don’t like to waste time in travelling and that choice will fuel SME’s migration to hourly office rentals.

You may think that coworking is just another fad and it will pass in a couple of years, but the growing number of SMEs and start-ups who prefer coworking spaces over traditional offices prove otherwise. For the remote workers, entrepreneurs on a budget and the trend-setters, co-working is a dominant choice that is going to define the future of offices.

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