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Work. Live. Breathe. Feel. These words symbolise The Mosaic Co-Working Space at Andheri East, Mumbai.

Author: Mosaic Team | 15 Feb 2018

Plug in your laptop, enjoy High-Speed Wifi and enjoy a cup of coffee as you work from one of their comfortable swings or desks that have all levels of seatings. From soft, low ottomans to chairs that you can sink into, soak in the atmosphere as you engage in a productive day.

You’ll see ‘Mosaic designs’ in all parts of the property from the ceiling to the floor. These spacious patterns are so eye pleasing and give the premises a chic, modern and classy look.

Lounge by the green wall in an oxygen enriched environment which is unique in a commercial hub like Andheri. The nature infused walls assist in the blooming of inspiring ideas.

Tired after a long day or just need a break? Book a massage with their talented masseuse for a quick treatment. These expert massages rejuvenate your body and reinvigorate you for an even more productive day at work as your muscles are relaxed.

Engage in progressive deals at their beautiful conference room with its mahogany desks and modern walls that can accommodate upto 10 people. Their activity room can be customised to accommodate more people for conferences and events.

Health conscious? Burn some calories at their Zumba or Kickboxing classes that happen every week. Pump up your heart rate and dance to the beat under the guidance of experts.

Relax your mind and body with their meditation, yoga and Tai Chi workshops that make you feel one with yourself.

Polish your skills with the soft skills workshop or one of the many fun seminars that happen at this beautiful co-working space.

We’re usually so held up in our daily lives that we forget to pay attention to the most important thing, ourselves and our wellbeing. Mosiac recognises and takes care of your body, mind and soul which persuades you to lead a healthier life.

Whether you’re a professional consultant, freelancer, entrepreneur, startup or corporate,the Mosaic is the perfect space to work out of for an enriching experience.

Where : The Mosiac Co Working, Raaj Chamber, New Nagardas Rd, Andheri East, Mumbai, Maharashtra

Approx cost per month (includes complimentary spa treatments, activities, workshops and more) : Starting from Rs 15,000 plus taxes per person depending on flexible, dedicated or cabin spaces. They also have weekly and daily packages.

Source: thecrazyindianfoodie

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